Monday, October 27, 2014

Home sweet home!

Couple of days ago I made a last minute descision to skip my Barcelona plans and buy tickets home to Finland instead. Since Christmas and New Years probably will be spent working I at least now get to spend time at home with family. My mums 60th birthday next weekend and my brother coming home. I arrived in Helsinki on friday night, went straight out to Grotesk. So nice to catch up with friends I haven´t seen in months. Night continued to Tres Bones my friends place, good music and vibe I recommend for a good night out!

Took the train up to Vasa yesterday. I told my parents I´m in Barcelona so I totally suprised them just walking in :) I am lucky cause it´s not cold here yet..around 10 degrees, nice autumn weather.

Went to visit my sisters home they are renovating (my childhoodhome)


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